“You never know when the next emergency situation is going to happen, but we can all be better prepared to handle them when they occur. Wanda has the experience and knowledge to get you prepared for any type of emergency that may happen. I’ve been fortunate to listen to Wanda speak about emergency preparedness on multiple occasions.

If you are prepared it helps emergency responders and having someone like Wanda educating our public is critical to how well your emergency responders can react during an emergency. Help yourself and help your community by being prepared.”

Paul Tomasi
Carmel-by-the-Sea Chief of Police & Mission Trail Lions Club President 2019/20

Peace of Mind Preparedness provides a gentle invitation to security and well being before a crisis. Preparedness is not an option, but a necessity, and this business has the best approach I’ve seen to inspire urgency and create calm through adequate preparation for any disaster. Call now.

Shary Farr, Founder
Partners for Transitions

(Professional Development Session for all Employees)

We live in the Hollywood Hills and, this last summer with the earthquakes and fires, I knew it was past time to get it together! Peace of Mind Preparedness provided specific recommendations of action items that could be immediately implemented! One stellar example is the emergency kit recommended which meant we had N95 masks for this current pandemic! Forever grateful!

 Nicole Chahrouri

We were very fortunate to have Wanda Vollmer as a speaker at the Rural Disaster Mental Health Summit. Her topic was “The Empowering Benefits of Disaster Preparedness.”  She was the culminating session speaker for our summit and a perfect fit as she shared her practical expertise regarding the fundamental strategies to help people prepare for crisis situations in advance, including specific information such as what to include in personal emergency kits! 

Loni Crumb, PhD, LCMHCS

Assistant Professor, 
Counselor Education Program
East Carolina University