Pet Preparedness for July 4th

July 1st is here and we say goodbye to June where we learned the importance of Pet Preparedness. Now, we are days away from July 4th. In all of my years of having pets, I have yet to meet one that enjoys fireworks. If you live in an area that is allowed to have fireworks and you have pets, preparedness is key to minimize stress for our furry family members. When the fireworks start popping, animals can become terrified.

Here are a few tips on how you can help them:

  1. Make sure your pet has a form of identification (pet tags, microchip with up to date information)
  2. Step up your pet’s activity with play and walking so they will be worn out before the fireworks begin
  3. If you have a pet that stresses easily, talk to your vet in advance about remedies that can help them relax
  4. Create a safe space/cozy spot for them in your home
  5. Keep them inside
  6. If you are home with them, give them comfort (hugs/wrap them up in blanket)

Make sure to keep your pets protected and safe. They will thank you and be so relieved when July 5th comes. Happy 4th of July! Please be safe.