Disaster Preparedness What have we learned from COVID-19?

It was mid March, right before the Shelter-In-Place was enacted here in California. That seems like a lifetime ago. Do you remember the panic? The grocery store shelves being cleaned out, the emotions we experienced, oh, and the toilet paper! I am still trying to understand that one. I too, felt the need to get a little extra, this coming from a preparedness expert! We are human and we react. At times with fear. When I step back and inventory my home before the SIP, I know this, I had enough food, water and supplies in my home. If this experience was not a wake up call for disaster preparedness in your household or business, I am not sure what is. We take the time to prepare for birthdays, work commitments, children, retirement and vacations to name a few.  So I ask, why don’t we take the time to prepare for natural disasters, pandemics and the like? When I ask people if they have taken steps to become disaster ready, I am told many reasons. People are too busy, they don’t think anything will happen to them and the list goes on. Remember and learn from this experience. Get busy everyone, prepare now. Not sure where or how to start? I am happy to help.