June is Pet Preparedness Month!

Natural disasters are now part of our lives and we are vulnerable. This makes our pets vulnerable as well. Whether it’s earthquakes, wildfires or tornadoes, we need to prepare our family. It is important to prepare for a disaster and it’s equally important to include your pets in your emergency planning.

Here are a few steps to get you started:

1. Make sure your pet has identification whether it is a microchip or a collar with ID tag.

2. Pack a disaster kit that includes, food, water, bowls, first aid kit, crate/pet carrier, extra leash/collar, vet records and a current photo of you and your pet. A familiar toy is nice to add as a comfort item.

3. Choose a trusted, designated caregiver for your pet. Make sure they have a set of keys to your home in the event you are not home during a disaster.

4. Identify shelters and pet friendly hotels ahead of time should you need to evacuate.

5. Depending on the type pet you have, make proper accommodations based on their needs. For example, if you have horses, get them familiar with loading them in trailers. If you have dogs, birds, cats, or reptiles, practice getting them in and out of their crates calmly. When an emergency does happen, they will become familiar with this space if you have to leave quickly. 

6. Share these plans with your family and friends.

Start planning for your pets today! Pets aren’t just “like” family, they are family. Remember to never leave your pets behind. They will thank you for it!