- Preparedness and Hiking -

Summer is still here and many of us have enjoyed venturing out this year on to the trails to get exercise, reduce stress and spend time with friends and family. When most people hear the word “preparedness,” they think of planning for disasters or emergency situations. Preparedness applies to many things such as hiking.

Here are a few tips to keep in mind before you go:

  1. Tell a friend or family member about your plans and when you will return
  2. Bring a backpack to carry essential items (lightweight)
  3. Bring enough water for you and your pet
  4. Don’t forget to pack snacks 
  5. Bring safety items (whistle, first aid kit, flashlight)
  6. Take your cell phone in case of an emergency with a back up charger (solar chargers are quite handy)
  7. Have a knife or multipurpose tool
  8. Apply bug spray if applicable to your region 
  9. Hike with a buddy
  10. Bring navigation tools such as a map or compass
  11. Plan your route ahead of time so you can return in full daylight
  12. Wear sunscreen and a hat
  13. Choose the best hiking shoes and dress in layers
  14. Check the weather forecast before you set out
  15. Research where you are going and plan ahead which trails you can handle

With preparedness you can enjoy a safe, comfortable adventure outdoors with peace of mind. Happy trails!