The resqme® is a great car escape tool but sometimes people get confused on how to use it. Now presenting the ultimate, most comprehensive and up to date guide on how to use our beloved lifesaving seatbelt cutter and window breaker keychain!

Where is the resqme® made and with what material?

The resqme® car escape tool is proudly made in the USA, in California to be precise! Its body is made of ABS plastic and its sharp blade in stainless steel. We are always looking to reduce our carbon footprint and be environmentally friendly which is why we are exploring new options when it comes to our packaging and the tool design itself.

Primary component and purpose?

The resqme® is designed to be a reliable, efficient and possibly lifesaving tool in emergencies such as car entrapment in or out of the water. It includes a sharp blade to be used to cut a jammed seatbelt and an inner spring-loaded mechanism triggering a spike to break a car window. This mechanism is designed to reload after each use (hopefully, you will never have to use it, not even once). The resqme® can also be used to break a window to save a distressed child or a pet that might have been left in a car on a hot day. Be aware, it only works on TEMPERED glass not laminated!

Where to place it?

There are a variety of places where you can put resqme® but keep in mind it must be securely attached, easily accessible and always within hand reach. Most people use it has a keychain so they can just grab it from the ignition if needed. If you have a keyless ignition system, make sure to place an extra resqme® on the door or on the window handle if possible. It is also very common to hang it to the rearview mirror (be aware it may be one of the first thing to go in case of a crash though) or even head rest so passengers of the vehicle can have access to it as well. For extra safety, you can also keep one in the glove compartment or on the sun visor!

How to cut a seatbelt with the resqme®?

In case of emergency, pull the resqme out of its clip to uncover the blade. Hold the tool between the index and the thumb fingers, with the black head facing upwards and cut the seatbelt diagonally. The blade is designed to cut a jammed seatbelt in a single swipe and can be reused multiple times.

How to break a window with the resqme®?

First, you want to make sure that your vehicle is equipped with tempered glass window as opposed to laminated (to see what type of glass your car is equipped with, check the manufacturer stamp on the window). To properly use the resqme®, hold it between the thumb and the index fingers, press the head of the tool (black cylindric part), firmly against one of the bottom corners of the window, the spike will release, and the window will shatter. Also, be aware that the resqme® will only work on side windows and not on a front windshield. You can test the tool by the head against a notepad, and you will hear a “click”. It signifies the reset of the inner mechanism and verifies the tool works fine. You can also test it on a small piece of glass in a plastic bag as demonstrated in the video below!

The resqme® is available in 6 trendy colors and in various combos. Stay safe out there and drive with peace of mind!

Benjamin Duprat, Marketing Manager resqme®